See what our students, teachers, and staff alumni are saying about their experience at The Ecology School

Instead of playing video games and being glued to my electronics all day, I could play and have fun at The Ecology School. Also, I could learn about nature and experience in a way you can’t with technology.
— Eamon, 5th grade student, MA
I loved the experience. It encompasses the whole child.
— Kerry, Life Skills Teacher, ME
I remember going to The Ecology School when I was in 6th grade and am so thrilled that my kids get to go there as part of their school. It was such a wonderful experience and has stuck with me my whole life. Thank you for having such a wonderful place for children to learn about the ocean, ecology and even conservation.
— Rita, Ecology School supporter, Jaffrey, NH
Just started my Masters program in teaching! Thanks, Ecology School, for making me want to be a teacher!
— Brita Steppe, staff alumna
Thank you for doing this - it’s really special you prioritize these gatherings as a regular event. Thank you for dedicating the time and resources.
— Jesse Delia, staff alumna, in response to attending our annual alumni summit
I really want to try really, really hard in science now!
— 6th grade student, MA
The Ecology School inspired me to eat healthier, overcome my fear of going outside after dark, and to try new things. Thanks to the helpful educators and new friends. I continue to do all of these things and more at home and at school. I recommend everyone goes to The Ecology School, and if you do, I guarantee that you will eat healthier than you ever have, you will overcome some of your fears, and most importantly, you will try new things. These are some of the reasons why Ecology School was my favorite 6th grade memory.
— Nina, 6th grade student, MA
I would like to tell you guys how much better you made our trip. I’m new to my school and I was a little nervous about staying over night and you made me feel welcomed, so thank you.
— Brihanna, 6th grade student, ME
Thank you for letting me a part of the action! I really love the message of The Ecology School, and just by listening on part of a lesson was a joy. It is so important to keep kids connected to nature.
— Kate Charest, visitor from IDEXX
You and your crew are very special people for what you do. I can’t explain it but I can tell you that I have never been to a place where I feel like family within an hour of being there.
— Bryan, Assistant Teacher, NH
It’s not just what [the educators] teach, but that [the students] retain it because of how you teach it.
— Jenn, 5th grade teacher, NH
I consider myself blessed to have been able to experience and be a part of the wonder and magic that is The Ecology School. And I’m excited that I can finally contribute towards helping the awesomeness continue.
— Megan Connor, staff alumna and donor
You know why I want to be an [Ecology School] educator? You’d get to live here all the time and you might even see a hermit crab! And you get paid to eat! Oh yeah, and ecology is cool!
— Jamie, 5th grade student, ME
Adrian loved the tidal pools and four days away from us having fun with his school buddies in a new coastal environment! He’s now down on the west coast of Florida, no doubt pointing something out to his younger brother Lewis that he learned at The Ecology School.
— Roger, parent of student, VT
I will never forget The Ecology School. I loved the tide pools because of the sea life I saw in them. I loved the evening lesson especially because when we rubbed seaweed with our hands it looked like fireworks. The Ecology School was a great experience for me and I am lucky I had the chance to go.
— Noelle, 6th grade student, ME
It was great to visit The Ecology School yesterday. Coming from a microbiologist background, it’s awesome to see that there is a great program out there for kids to learn and become interested in science! Hopefully they’ll be our next generation of environmental stewards.
— Britney Carter, microbiologist, Poland Spring Bottling Company
Just when I think the program can’t possibly get any better, it does! Everyone gives so much to make sure each and every child has the experience of a lifetime. I loved every trip and cherish connections to place and staff.
— Jane, Paraprofessional, NH