We are sincerely grateful for the support we received from the following foundations in 2015:

Elmina B. Sewall Foundation*

D. Suzi Osher Foundation Trust

Quimby Family Foundation*

Kitchen Gardeners International

*Funding the ELLMS Collaborative




We would like to recognize the generous donors who helped support our mission in 2015:

Vicki an Al Adams
Joel Alex
Kate Anderson
Kathryn Anderson
Nancy and Steve Bachler
Geri and Vic Barry
Ann Boynton
Lois and Brown Pulliam
Carol Doyle
Kenneth R. and Mary V. Feathers
Susan Gentile
Jennifer Guimaraes
Jane and John Hartnett
Adele Holman
Laura and Steve Humphrey
Nelson and Betti Jaquay
Don and Kathy Knight
Christelle P. and Len Landelius
John and Dianne Lemoine
Joanna Lisker Meyer
Tyler Miller
Judith Morse
Barbara Reed
Claire Russo
Nan Schildroth
Diane M. Schuette
Ryder Scott
Heidi Shatz
Hannah Sukonick
Gayle A. & Michael J. Tweed
Marion and William Vierow
Andy Wood

Up to $49
Up to $49
Joan A Blomberg
Emily Brill
Tom and Laura Broussard
Anna Cynar
Barbara Fiore
Judith Fletcher
Heather Francis
Brigid Smith Franey
Mark & Jane Gottwald
Satya Glover
Ronald and Patricia Harwood
Laura Heil
Peter Knight
Jean Leach
Meg Low
Debbie Lyon
Russ Peppe
Dorinda Toppan and Ray Peterson
Don and Linsey Pilon
Lindsey Reed
Liz Robbe
Todd and Sarah Smith
Julie Stiler
Emma Stuhl
Peter and Margaret Zack



Anonymous (2)

Nick and Mary Dumsch
Caryl Everett
Drew Dumsch and Lisa Farago
Paul and Mary Love Gabrielson
Bridget Jones and Dinesh Goburdhun
Merilee Grindle
Steven H. Grindle
David Holman
Kristin Hunter-Thomson
Bobbi Keppel
Martha Taylor
Carol G. Thompson

Maggie & Bob Daigle
Bill & Louisa Graver
Mike Hansen
Rebecca Harrison
Robert & Marjory Keeler
Robert & Suzanne Murphy
Linda Sullivan
John & Barbara Zotz

Ken & Amy Barber
Dee & Tom Brown
Virginia Crocker
Paige Eagle
Sasha Eisele
Kate Gillis
Guy & Robin Huntley
Deborah & Clayton B Jones III
Penny Kates
Robert Adkins & Deborah Thaxter
Norman Sege

Jessica Boehland
Jeff Boudreau
Ann Boynton
Jane Brigham
Frank & Nancy Brooks
Luiza Brown & Richard O'Brien
Lynne Champion
Peter Desnoyer
Tony & Suzanne Federer
Sara Gabrielson
Alexandra Grindle
Corey Hascall
Albert Howlett
John Ibsen
Victor Izzo
Mary & Bill Johnson
Meg & Clay Jones
Christopher Kirkhoff
Mary & Fod Martin
Lucien & Amy Ouellette
Joan & Charles Partridge
John W. Paynter
E. Bruce & Mary L. Plummer
Larry & Anne Ramspott
Jo & Grant Reynolds
John Rooks
Phil & Nancy Sferes
Peter & Elizabeth Signell
Milton & Joan Victor
Joan Watts
Dale Yerger
Susan Louisa Zaya


$20,000 +
Poland Springs Bottling Co.

Saco Biddeford Savings Institution

Pratt & Whitney

Penobscot Bay YMCA/Downeast Magazine Giving Gala
Portland Greendrinks

Saco & Biddeford Savings Institutio

Edison Press
P&C Insurance
Earthshare Chapters

Up to $249
Saco Valley Credit Union
Southworth International Group
Liberty Bottleworks
Hannaford Community Cash
Saco Bay Trails
Wind Guys USA