Programs Overview

Since 1998, The Ecology School has brought outdoor science and environmental education to more than 175,000 program participants. School partners from around the United States choose our deeply immersive and experiential ecosystem-based programs that empower students to discover the inner workings of the world around them. Exploration and investigation is conducted in the greatest classroom imaginable, the outdoors.

Hey you! Look at yourself. One week and you’re a whole new person. A changed man, once trudging through sand wishing it would end quicker, and no you don’t want to leave all this. 51 hours. 3,061 minutes. 219,000 seconds. Be ready for life…because if it’s like this, it’ll be awesome. -Jared, Grade 8, Fall 2017

Residential Overnight Programs

Our flagship residential program brings whole elementary and middle school grade levels to our campus. During their stay, students work cooperatively to study critical ecosystems as they climb over rocks to examine tide pools, dig through dirt with core samplers to discover soil layers, and quietly listen for nocturnal forest creatures—all while gaining a stronger understanding of their own personal role in nature.

EcosySTEM — Multi-year Programs

EcosySTEM is a spiraling science curriculum students experience for the duration of their elementary (or middle school) career. The sequential experiential learning format includes field trips, presentations, and outdoor activities starting in Kindergarten or First Grade and becoming more complex each year until their capstone residential experience as overnight residential students at our campus.

Day/Field Trips

A day trip with our Educators will get students out of the classroom and into nature! Trip options bring students to our campus OR we’ll all travel to another location to discover Maine’s ecosystems through hands-on learning.

Outreach to Schools

Let The Ecology School come to your school! Our team of Educators will bring fun and comprehensive lessons in ecology to the classroom, creating a new dynamic learning environment for students to engage in.


Rising Kindergarten – 6th grade children participate in ecology adventure day camps during the summer and school vacation.
Family day camps take children and their adult companions on ecology adventures throughout southern Maine!