Community Partnerships at River Bend Farm


The purpose of our move to River Bend Farm and creation of the nation's most sustainable residential environmental education center is to:

  • Enhance the impact of our unique conservation education model in an interactive , natural setting which inspires and creates a greater connection with the earth's natural systems.
  • Grow our offerings to include summer programs and a diverse array of educational programs focused on schools, individuals, businesses, and the community.
  • Integrate permaculture into our curricula with a goal of at least 50% self-raised or locally grown food.
  • Achieve a sustainable community prototype through net positive energy and net positive water consumption, which will serve as an incubator for future advancements in sustainability and ecology education.


Serving the local, state, and regional communities through collaboration is fundamental to our mission. A primary goal of this partner-driven project is to expand our community-wide impact through new, diversified relationships.

  • Permaculture Design course through University of New England (UNE) held Fall 2016.
  • Collaboration with Living Future Institute (www.living-future.org) on precedent-setting green building project.
  • Potential partnerships with local farms to achieve at least 50% self-raised or locally grown food.
  • Membership in a watershed collaborative with University of New England and Poland Spring Bottling Co.
  • Research and rehabilitation of historic family-plot cemetery with the Maine Old Cemetery Association.
  • Partnership with Saco and Biddeford schools to provide environmental and agricultural education to local students.