The Ecology School Receives Donation of $12,000 from Poland Spring

Saco, Maine (April 26, 2018) — The Ecology School has received a donation of $12,000 from Poland Spring Bottling Co. in support of Maine RSU 16’s (Poland, Minot, and Mechanic Falls) participation in EcosySTEMTM, a multi-year environmental education program. Poland Spring has been supporting The Ecology School’s programs with RSU 16 since 2002.

“The generosity of Poland Spring has given the next generation of environmental stewards— students from local Maine schools—opportunities to create meaningful connections to natural resources through experiential learning,” says Drew Dumsch, President and CEO of The Ecology School.

The EcosySTEM program is a curriculum designed for elementary and middle school students and classroom teachers focusing on scientific field experiences grounded in hands-on, real-world learning opportunities, providing inquiry-based opportunities for learning. Students begin in Kindergarten and attend outdoor exploration classes each year, culminating in a residential capstone experience and graduation in 7th or 8th grade. EcosySTEM programs use ecology as an integrating context for E-STEM instruction (environment, science, technology, engineering and math), in particular utilizing the outdoor learning environments as a venue for applying E-STEM skills— hands-on activities and lessons that utilize content knowledge and skills application through authentic field experiences.

About The Ecology School Founded in 1998 in Saco, Maine, The Ecology School has brought outdoor science, environmental and sustainability education to more than 170,000 students and teachers from throughout Maine and New England. Through hands-on, experiential programming, students learn to become stewards of their environment as they explore local forests, coastal ecosystems, and food systems. We deliver our mission through single-day and residential programs for elementary and middle school students; workshops and presentations in schools; professional development for teachers; community engagement events; and distributing original field and curriculum guides.

For more information, please contact:
Caitlin Brooke
Community Relations Coordinator
(207) 283.9951