Staff Training Spring 2015 begins tomorrow!

Exactly a year ago I moved to Maine. I spent a magical few months sharing my life with 16 incredible educators and hundreds of kids! Those adventures will haunt my mind forever. Thank you Maine, Ecology Schoolers and thank you life heart. ~ Gaby Merlina Olimon

Staff Training for the 2015 Spring term begins tomorrow! We on Team Admin are so excited for this spring term, welcoming NINE returning staff back for another go as educators, and seven fabulous new staff who we can't wait to meet.

For those who have experienced Staff Training before, we're anticipating an action packed week, full of teaching methodologies, geeking out about nature and science with like-minded colleagues, and experiencing all that the southern Maine coast has to offer (for the very first time, for some!)

But this spring brings many other things to celebrate, as well: a new Advancement Director and Administrative Intern, babies born and baby expected, and what remains of this winter's 9' feet of fallen snow, some still to melt. Needless to say, it has been quite a winter!

So, while we anxiously await what feels like Christmas to some (I never sleep restfully the night before Staff Training begins!), we hope you will all continue to stay in touch and think back on your Ecology School days, like Gaby. Whether you are a former staff (FOAMer), student, teacher, or chaperone, send us a message and let us know where you are. We promise we'll send you some Maine thoughts right back'atcha!