Portland Greendrinks

The Ecology School was thrilled to be chosen as this month's featured non-profit for Portland Greendrinks, representing a long line of non-profits working in, or interested in, environmental and sustainability issues. Over 300 people joined us at the Portland Greendrinks event at DiMillo's Restaurant on Tuesday January 13th. Beginning at 5:00PM, guests lined up with their own drinking vessels in tow to spend the evening enjoying conversation and liquid refreshment. The evening's drink providers included Allagash Brewing, Peak Organic, Sebago Brewing, and Vena's Fizz House. Sunrise Guide was also in attendance, promoting their new mobile app for their coupon book; for only $5, guests could purchase the app and become instant beneficiaries of hundreds of coupons to environmentally- and sustainably-inclined local businesses. SunriseGuide generously contributed all of these proceeds to The Ecology School. Thank you for coming out and supporting Greendrinks and The Ecology School!