EEI Consulting

We work with schools, businesses, nonprofits and community organizations using the tools and concepts of ecology and systems thinking to create healthy, vibrant, sustainable schools, workplaces and communities. In addition to the programs below, we can work with your organization to provide professional development to suit your specific needs.

Services and Workshops Offered

A workshop participant explores the pages of The ABCs of Ecology®.

A workshop participant explores the pages of The ABCs of Ecology®.

This workshop challenges school teachers and administrators to think beyond traditional STEM definitions and boundaries.  Using ecology as an integrating context for teaching STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) skills, our EcosySTEM program is an education model that fosters 21st Century thinkers who take a systemic approach to learning and applying their knowledge. Alignment to Common Core and Next Generation Science standards is addressed, and workshop participants will leave with a comprehensive science and STEM curriculum unit to bring back to their classrooms or school districts.

Ecology & Community
Learn how to use the principles of ecology in your community and workplace to create a healthy, ethical and sustainable culture.  Using real-world examples of ecological balance (as with ecosystems), workshop participants will make relevant connections between natural systems and our own human systems, and apply them to their professional lives.

Reading the Landscape with the ABCs of Ecology®
Teachers and administrators will be introduced to our ABCs of Ecology curriculum guide and methodology as an observational toolkit to increase their understanding of natural ecosystems and facilitate life and earth science activities in their classrooms.   

Whole Foods team members learning the principles of ecology to apply back to their workplace.

Whole Foods team members learning the principles of ecology to apply back to their workplace.

Narrative Education: Live & Unplugged!
Effective teaching involves good storytelling skills.  The Narrative Education methodology uses the structure and techniques of plot, metaphor, analogy, improvisational theater, etc., to craft sequential, cumulative educational experiences and interpretations that are fun and memorable.

Sustainable Food Systems
Learn the tools to use permaculture as the basic of innovative, hands-on, systems change, community engagement and education.  Our Food For Thought curriculum connects The Ecology School dining hall, organic teaching garden, and composting system into one project that explores and models and healthy, ecological food system.  With the growing concern over childhood obesity and the common disconnect between people and their food sources, EEI has made Food For Thought an important part of our curriculum and mission. Learn how to use these concepts to transform your school or workplace.

Non-Profit Management
Founded in 1998 as a small nonprofit, EEI is now operating as a $1 million per year organization, with strong diversified revenue and over 11,000 clients annually.  EEI Consulting models vibrant and achievable business and strategic plans for success in the environmental and experiential education fields.

EEI Consulting will work with you to create a program that meets your needs.  For more information including workshop content and rates, Email Drew Dumsch: DrewATtheEcologySchoolDOTorg